Top butterbur benefits | Herbal treatment of migraines and allergic rhinitis


Butterbur (Petasites hybridus) is an ancient perennial shrub that grows in Europe and parts of Asia and North America, typically in wet, swampy lands. Butterbur has been used with many health benefits for over 2,000 years. Its medicinal use was described as early as 65 AD by Dioscorides, a Greek physician, pharmacist, and botanist. From the rhizome, leaves, and stems of this plant, several alkaloids and other chemical compounds can be extracted. Currently, the Butterbur extract is used to treat migraines and allergic rhinitis.

1. The active ingredient in Butterbur

βœ… It is thought that Butterbur contains the active ingredients pertain and isopentane that can reduce spasms and reduce swelling (inflammation) in blood vessels. Clinical reality shows that it is effective for migraine, helping to ease the pain, and reduce recurrent attacks, reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.

2. Top butterbur benefits

2.1 Butterbur benefits: Treatment of migraine

Butterbur benefits: Treatment of migraine

βœ… The most common use of butterbur is in the treatment of headaches and migraines. Migraine is related to the neuromotor vasomotor disorder, which is abnormal vasoconstriction when the vasoconstriction does not appear pain, but when the vasodilation is unexpected, the headache will appear. Along with that serotonin transport disorders also cause migraines. The exact mode of action of butterbur is not known, although it is believed to be related to anti-inflammatory effects and other effects of active ingredients such as pertain and isopentane, it has the ability to reduce swelling and reduce swelling. Relaxing excessive blood vessels in the brain when suffering from migraines. A study published in 2004 found that at a dose of 75 milligrams twice daily, for three to four months, butterbur reduced the frequency of migraines when compared to placebo with no significant side effects.

2.2 Butterbur benefits: Treatment of allergic rhinitis

Butterbur benefits: Treatment of allergic rhinitis

βœ… Traditionally, Butterbur is used to treat asthma and bronchitis. Butterbur can stimulate the expulsion of mucus and sputum from the airways and nasal passages. Mucus and sputum are ideal places for bacteria to live and nourish. So removing these points can speed up the healing process.
βœ… The herb also is thought to act in a similar way to allergy medicine by blocking the action of histamine and leukotriene, the inflammatory chemicals involved in allergic reactions. For some people, an allergic reaction can be very serious. It is the result of histamines being released in the body when encountering a certain substance. Butterbur is an antihistamine. Therefore it can prevent allergic reactions or reduce their severity. Butterbur is effective in relieving sneezing, stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and other symptoms.

3. Notes when using Butterbur

  • Butterbur is generally well tolerated but it can cause side effects such as belching, headache, itchy eyes, diarrhea, shortness of breath, fatigue, and drowsiness.
  • Butterbur belongs to the ragweed plant family, so people who are allergic to ragweeds like marigolds, daisies, or chrysanthemums should avoid butterbur.
  • Pregnant and lactating women: butterbur may be unsafe. Avocado preparations containing alkaloid pyrrolizidine (PAs) can cause birth defects and liver damage. It is best not to use this herb during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Unprocessed Butterbur herbs contain chemicals called pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs), which can cause liver damage and can make liver disease worse. Although these substances are removed in commercial preparations, be sure to use only certified butterbur products and PA free labeling. Non-PA butterbur products are safe to drink when used properly and are used by adults aged 16 and over…

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