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Bupleurum has been an important herb of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2,000 years. This is an ornamental plant with dainty green-yellow flowers and sickle-shaped leaves. The roots of this perennial plant are bright yellow and bitter, and this is the part often used as medicine. Bupleurum has been used since ancient times with benefits like to clean and detoxify the liver. Currently, modern studies have demonstrated the liver detoxifying effects of Bupleurum, while also pointing out many other important effects of this herb.

1. Top bupleurum benefits

1.1 Bupleurum benefits: Liver detoxification

Bupleurum benefits: Liver detoxification

✅ The liver is the largest internal organ in our bodies and is responsible for many important tasks, including removing and neutralizing all toxins. The liver also produces bile, which helps the body absorb and properly use fat and fat-soluble vitamins. Keeping the liver functioning as normal is the key to anyone and everyone’s health. There are many habits and environmental factors that are harmful to the liver, including drinking alcohol, eating processed foods, taking certain medicines, and pollution. Bupleurum is known for its ability to detoxify the liver and improve overall liver health. This is undoubtedly one of the top powerful herbal remedies for liver function, including proper nutrient conversion and removal of dangerous toxins.
✅ In addition, Bupleurum helps to improve cirrhosis – a disease that changes the structure of the liver, in which healthy liver tissue is replaced by scar tissue that prevents blood and bile from flowing through the liver, impairing the function of the liver. Laboratory and animal studies conducted at Osaka City University School of Medicine in Japan show that Bupleurum has a protective effect on the liver. One study found that this herbal formulation helped prevent the growth of cancer cells in patients who had cirrhosis.

1.2 Bupleurum benefits: Sedative

Bupleurum benefits: Sedative

✅ Many people today take mood stabilizers because of anxiety or depression. Most of these are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). These drugs often contain dangerous side effects, so natural remedies are always worth considering. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that liver stagnation is the central cause of depression. And Bupleurum has been shown to be particularly effective when it is used to treat depression that can often occur in premenstrual syndrome (PMS) as well as menopause.

2. The note when using Bupleurum

When using Bupleurum, you should note the following:

  • Pregnant and lactating women or children should consult a doctor before use.
  • Not much is known about the side effects of bupleurum alone; Adverse reactions when combining bupleurum with other components such as nausea, decreased appetite, abdominal distention, increased intestinal motility, flatulence, drowsiness.
  • Bupleurum contains saikosaponin that can inhibit platelet aggregation and increase the risk of bleeding. So stop using at least 2 weeks before surgery and avoid using bupleurum with anticoagulants such as Aspirin, Heparin, Warfarin (Coumadin).

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✅ From humble beginnings back in 1972 to their modern state-of-the-art facility, Nature’s Answer has evolved into one of today’s largest family-owned and operated manufacturers of high-quality nutritional products. Their herbal formulas stand the test of time – over four decades of performance. With state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, Nature’s Answer has the facility to analyze the quality and purity of each plant used to produce their products. Bupleurum is best known for its ability to cleanse the liver and protect it from toxins. Studies have also found that bupleurum is an effective follow-up supplement to liver treatments to help detoxify the body of the side effects of chemotherapy. Directions: As a dietary supplement take 1 ml (approx. 28 drops) 3-4 times a day in a small amount of water. Warning: Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

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