8 Black garlic health benefits


Garlic is an important spice in many everyday dishes. The effect of garlic not only awakens the flavor of the dish but more importantly it brings a lot of benefits to human health. However, garlic has a very unpleasant taste when used. When processed into black garlic, the taste of garlic becomes pleasant and the healing effects of garlic are also enhanced. Black garlic is a good health care product for everyone because of its amazing uses. Black garlic health benefits are due to the fermentation process, many of the valuable active ingredients in garlic are enhanced especially antioxidants.

1. What is black garlic?

βœ… Black garlic is made from fresh garlic after undergoing a slow fermentation under strict temperature and humidity management conditions of black garlic maker after 45-60 days of fermentation.
βœ… With the way of making black garlic, the active ingredients in garlic clove increased significantly, in which the total sugar content increased by about 13 times, fructose increased by 52 times, the active ingredient SAC (S-allyl cysteine) was considered the most important in black garlic 6 times more, superoxide dismutase (SOD) increased 10 times more than fresh garlic to prevent cancer. In addition, 18 amino acids were created after long-term fermentation.

2. Standard of Good black garlic

  • After fermentation, the garlic must be whole, whole cloves, covered with a dry crust, the inside is black, soft, a clove of garlic.
  • Smell, taste: The sweet and sour taste of fruit, no pungent taste of fresh, soft, and easy to eat garlic.

3. 8 Black garlic health benefits

3.1 Black garlic health benefits: Antioxidants

Black garlic health benefits: Antioxidants

βœ… After fermenting into black garlic, Alliin in fresh garlic becomes SAC compound, which has antioxidant effects, therefore, black garlic helps protect the body from the damage caused by free radicals, against disease, slow down the aging process of the body and support the treatment of diseases caused by free radicals such as heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease.

3.2 Black garlic health benefits: Prevention of cancer

Black garlic health benefits: Prevention of cancer

βœ… Active ingredient Polyphenol is a compound with anti-cancer activity in many foods such as green tea, apples, blueberries, grapes, oranges, etc. In black garlic, this compound is many times higher than in other ingredients of the fruits mentioned above. Black garlic contains S-allyl cysteine which is a derivative of cysteine amino acids. Therefore, black garlic extract helps prevent, inhibit, and suppress the growth of cancer cells.
βœ… Antioxidants play a role in inhibiting the growth of stomach cancer cells – one of the common diseases. Black garlic reduces the occurrence of bowel tumors – the earliest clinical signs of colon cancer. After processing, SAC content after 40 days is 8 times higher than regular garlic.

3.3 Black garlic health benefits: Good for Diabetes

Black garlic health benefits: Good for Diabetes

βœ… Diabetes is becoming a common disease worldwide. The cause of the disease is when the body is resistant to the action of insulin or not enough insulin to keep blood sugar levels normal (Insulin is a hormone that regulates the absorption of sugar by the cells). The important ingredient inside of black garlic is the anti-fatigue allicin, which accelerates the breakdown of sugar and controls the increase in blood sugar. Garlic can affect the synthesis of glycogen in the liver, reduce blood sugar levels, and increase plasma insulin levels. It is important that black garlic does not affect blood sugar for normal people.

3.4 Black garlic health benefits: Reduce LDL-cholesterol

Black garlic health benefits: Reduce LDL-cholesterol

βœ… The compounds in black garlic can form a precipitate that helps lower bad cholesterol in the blood, at the same time reduces atherosclerotic plaque and effectively lowers blood pressure. Due to the above effects, you can prevent heart attack and stroke when using black garlic regularly.

3.5 Black garlic health benefits: Protection of liver cells

Black garlic health benefits: Protection of liver cells

βœ… Black garlic contains very high antioxidants, has a great effect in inhibiting the ability to cause elevated liver enzymes. Especially suitable for people who regularly use alcohol. The effect of protecting liver cells of black garlic is a food that supports the treatment of liver damage, liver diseases such as fatty liver, cirrhosis, liver cancer, etc.

3.6 Black garlic health benefits: Strengthen immunity

Black garlic health benefits: Strengthen immunity

βœ… Fresh garlic is highly appreciated for its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-viral properties, etc. Through fermentation, the active ingredient in black garlic is 10 times more than the original, improving the body’s resistance and struggling with many diseases. The effect of black garlic is good for people with arthritis because it contains a plant antibiotic that has a good bactericidal effect, thereby helping to reduce pain, reduce swelling, kill bacteria harmful to joints effectively. Thereby helping healthy joints, no longer aches and pains, effectively overcome joint diseases.

3.7 Black garlic health benefits: Enhance physiology

Black garlic health benefits: Enhance physiology

βœ… Allidiamin in black garlic combined with vitamin B1 works to regulate the hormone testosterone and strongly enhances the function of the genitourinary system. Since then help strengthen the physiological ability of men. Black garlic also restores muscle damage from exercise. In addition, black garlic also helps promote deep sleep to reduce drowsiness, fatigue suitable for those who are in the state of post-recovery needs.

3.8 Black garlic health benefits: Skin beauty

Black garlic health benefits: Skin beauty

βœ… In addition to good effects for health, black garlic is also known as one of the foods not to be missed in daily beauty care, especially skin. The special vitamin components in black garlic such as B15, A, C, E work to slow down the aging process of the external skin as well as internal organs. These vitamins can help reduce acne, reduce melasma, … thereby helping to prolong the youth and bring a healthy body for women.

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