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Yoga Burn Challenge


Yoga is an ancient practice originating in India and with regular practice, it can help improve the quality of life by reducing stress and promoting relaxation. Many women now choose Yoga as a way to burn calories, control their weight, and get in perfect shape. However, many people don’t know how to permanently incorporate Yoga into their daily lives. They don’t know what to do if they leave the gym. If you encounter this situation then you “12-week Yoga Burn Challenge” will be a good choice for you.

1. Introduce

Yoga has many health benefits

✅ Yoga is a discipline that is synthesized from many different coordination movements, especially the flexing movements that help the body more flexible and flexible. Regular daily exercise will help the muscles and joints being active a lot, helps the body endure a lot more dynamically. Flexions make the shoulders and backstretch moderately, improving back pain from sitting for too long on a computer or desk or elderly women with muscle aches in the back, neck, shoulders…
✅ For all of us, breathing is important to keep the body regulating breathing airflow and regulate the heart rate. Yoga’s regular breathing exercises focus on breathing and teach proper use of the air-conditioning function of the lungs, reducing pressure on the central nervous system, which is beneficial for both the body and mind of the practitioner. People who practice yoga for a long time often feel refreshed, clear-minded, and in a good mood.
✅ The effect that people are most interested in is the beauty of the body. Yoga practice also consumes a certain amount of calories, helps the body toned, reducing excess fat. During the time of practicing Yoga, the muscles must work continuously and stretch for a certain time. This effectively aids in weight loss. However, you should know that losing weight only occurs when the amount of calorie intake must be less than the amount consumed. To be able to lose weight effectively, you need to control both your energy intake, and of course, reducing calories from yoga does not consume energy fast by other methods such as Gym, swimming, or playing sports. Therefore, it is necessary to combine both Yoga and bodybuilding with a scientific and effective diet. While it may not have an immediate, significant weight loss effect, yoga is generally good for women who want to improve their beauty and health.

In this day and age, going to yoga centers may be detrimental to some people. Therefore, choosing an online yoga program with detailed instructions to help you practice yoga at home or at work is essential. If you are interested in such a yoga program, the “Yoga Burn Challenge” is the one you should not miss.

2. Who is the author of “Yoga Burn Challenge” ?


The Yoga Burn Program is designed by Zoe Bray-Cotton and is a follow-along online yoga program. She is a well-known yoga instructor who has been teaching this practice for over a decade across North America’s most respected and renowned gyms and yoga studios. The Yoga Burn Program is said to be developed from her expertise in dealing with a variety of clients. However, this program is customized for women looking to lose weight and keep it off. Yoga Burn focuses on teaching you yoga poses that are known to increase the overall metabolism of the body. This helps in burning fat while still toning the whole body.

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3. What will ” Yoga Burn Challenge ” bring you ?


✅ The secret to the success of the Yoga Burn Program lies in what’s referred to as Dynamic Sequencing. The unique 3 phase program guides you through a series of different videos that are laid out in a way that will keep your body and mind to ensure you do not get bored. Each video is 45 minutes long and can be done anytime, anywhere. You are encouraged to complete three 45 minute videos a week, with the option to complete a bonus video lesson that is provided. Over a 12-week period, you will experience improved metabolism, reduced hunger, relaxing sleep, increased body flexibility, improved muscular strength, high energy levels. Controlled blood pressure and sugar and an overall mood and immunity improvement. Learn more about Yoga Burn’s 3 phase program below.

Phase 1 : Foundational Flow

✅ This phase is called the foundational flow because that is exactly what we will be building: A solid Yoga Foundation. The first four weeks are designed to teach you the foundation of strong yoga practice and of course, start to shape long, lean muscles while having fun.

Phase 2 : Transitional Flow

✅ Phase 2 is dedicated to teaching you how to combine the moves we’ve learned in Phase 1 into a smooth flow that will allow you to burn more calories and get that heart rate up! By now you will be more comfortable with basic moves.

Phase 3 : Mastery Flow

✅ It’s time to combine all that we have learned from the past 2 Phases into a scorching hot sequence designed to fire up your metabolism and transform your body in ways you may have never imagined possible with yoga! Phase 3 is designed to spice things up, energize, and reinvigorate your mental focus while fully maximizing your weight loss results.

There are also a few bonus videos that can be done at any phase. The aim of these bonus videos is to enhance your overall experience with yoga as a practice.

  • 💕 Yoga Burn Bonus #1: (Phase One) Tranquillity Flow: The workout in this video works on the principles of restorative yoga and lasts for approximately 15 minutes. The aim is to stretch and relax your body as well as to sit properly, maintain proper posture, and sit better. It helps in relaxing the muscles you work in the first phase.
  • 💕 Yoga Burn Bonus #2: (Phase Two) Beginner Flow: This workout bonus video lasts for around 15 minutes and works best when accompanied by the second phase. The poses in this video are fairly basic and even if you’re not very advanced in your yoga practice, these are easy enough to follow.
  • 💕 Yoga Burn Bonus #3: Pose Tutorials: Best suited to complete beginners, this 21 pose tutorial is really comprehensive. With step by step instructions, they are helpful if you’re looking at fundamentally improving your form, posture, and technique.

✅ A special feature is that Yoga Burn is also suitable for pregnant mothers, or nursing mothers. This program does not use vigorous physical activity so it does not affect women before or after birth. In fact, it will improve her health throughout pregnancy and help eliminate weight after pregnancy. Moreover, it is designed for both experienced people and women who do not know anything about yoga and can follow it easily. This is a program that gradually begins to work from the basic level and slowly takes users to the advanced level. It has videos to guide users in every stage, so it’s easy to follow, even for beginners.

4. Epilogue

✅ For anyone looking for an effective weight loss regime, Yoga Burn is a great option. Women of all ages can join this program and Yoga Burn Challenge works well for everyone. However, if you do not commit to regular training, changes will not occur. You should start slowly and gradually increase the intensity of the training, it will be a little more challenging. This is what helps you actually burn all the excess calories and fat. Other relaxing, stretching, and rewarding videos that help you focus on the inside, reduce stress for you.

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