Did you know: Environmental factors and genes are the main causes of psoriasis. Specifically, environmental factors including things we inhale, eat, drink, or put on our skin can wreak havoc on our immune system. For people with psoriasis, this can directly lead to a disordered immune system functioning, causing inflammation that we call… psoriasis. These environmental factors are enormous. And now they are famous contributors not only to psoriasis but also to a wide range of human diseases and conditions – allergies, asthma, decreased fertility, some cancers, and many more other diseases. And there may be a genetic link between people with the disease – that’s why it shows up in some families.

Julissa’s Psoriasis Strategy has precisely shown these habits that address the root cause of psoriasis and ensure that once it goes away, it goes away forever. The Psoriasis strategy worked for me, and it worked for hundreds of others – with all the different variations of the disease. Imagine you are 28 days from now. What does it feel like to skin that is not itchy, or not red?

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