Just think about it. . .Blood circulation is the lifeline of your body. Every single cell depends on blood to bring it nutrition and oxygen, as well as remove waste. If organs don’t receive enough oxygen, they under-function. And that’s exactly what happens when plaque builds up in your arteries. However, what is really the cause of the plaques in the lumen of your blood vessels? It is oxidized LDL-cholesterol.
Oxidation is the result of a body’s metabolism, but if cholesterol is over-oxidized, it can be dangerous. Your immune system may confuse oxidized LDL-cholesterol with external agents. Your immune system then tries to fight it, which can cause inflammation inside the artery walls. And this can lead to atherosclerosis or dangerous cardiovascular complications.
Fortunately, in THE OXIGIZED CHOLESTEROL STRATEGY, You will be guided by Scott Davis each week to complete reducing oxidative cholesterol levels and cleaning your arteries. That is done little by little, and it will be almost easy. Moreover, the program also provides you with tools to monitor and manage your strategy to ensure you are successful with the program.

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