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. . .Blood circulation is the lifeline of your body. Every single cell depends on blood to bring it nutrition and oxygen, as well as remove waste. If organs don’t receive enough oxygen, they under-function. And that’s exactly what happens when plaque builds up in your arteries. However, what is really the cause of the plaques in the lumen of your blood vessels? It is oxidized LDL-cholesterol.
Oxidation is the result of a body’s metabolism, but if cholesterol is over-oxidized, it can be dangerous. Your immune system may confuse oxidized LDL-cholesterol with external agents. Your immune system then tries to fight it, which can cause inflammation inside the artery walls. This can lead to atherosclerosis and dangerous complications like heart attack, stroke. Not only that, but cholesterol plaques also takes away 50–80% of your energy, causing you to seriously impair your mental and physical activities.

In THE OXIDIZED CHOLESTEROL STRATEGY, You will be guided by Scott Davis each week to complete reducing oxidative cholesterol levels and cleaning your arteries. That is done little by little, will be almost easy, and anywhere. He will teach you exactly which foods cause oxidized cholesterol and which reduce it. Moreover, the program also provides you with tools to monitor and manage your strategy to ensure you are successful with the program…

With the OXIDIZED CHOLESTEROL STRATEGY program, you won’t have to waste time on a lot of false and unsystematic “information” because the experts of Blue Heron News have already packed and rigorously tested everything for you… And especially, this program is always available to you at any time, which also means you can start to eliminating cholesterol plaque and eliminate the risk of heart attack, stroke now.

… Just think about having a conversation with your friends who are suffering from the side effects of statins. Imagine explaining to them why your heart is as good as a 25-year-old’s and why you’ve more energy than they could ever dream of. Because as your heart’s arteries unclog, you’ll feel more power and energy than you have for years. As more blood flows to your skin, you’re going to look younger and feel more energized than you thought possible.


He is Scott Davis

He was lucky enough to escape death after a heart attack caused by cholesterol plaques in the blood vessels. Fortunately, his fateful meeting with an old friend – Oliver, changed his life. Oliver revealed to Davis that the only cause of all the plaque build-up in your arteries is something you don’t even know you’re eating: oxidized fats. After gaining success in controlling his condition and many others, Scott joined Blue Heron Health News to publish his Cholesterol Oxidation Strategy. However, because its approach is very natural and does not have to use statin drugs (with a lot of side effects), this strategy is facing many obstacles from pharmaceutical corporations.

About of Blue Heron News

Blue Heron Health News– offers a variety of remedies for various diseases. All of their remedies are natural and safe, so they can be used by anyone regardless of their health status. Countless articles and e-books are available on their websites from Christian himself and other natural health enthusiasts, like Jodi Knapp, Shelly Manning, Julissa Clay, Scott Davis…

In particular, they provide a top-class, in-house customer service team, those trained in natural health and those who really care. So if you have any of your own questions on the health issues, they are already there and ready to help you.

The fanpage of Blue Heron Health News, which is created by Christian Goodman, has over 21,000 followers. This page usually shares useful knowledge and status about health such as Acid Reflux, Fatty Liver Disease, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis…

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The Natural Cure System ( with 6 natural healthy important pillars ) will help you and your loved ones keep self-cure common diseases, prevent dangerous chronic diseases & always keep young. They are friendly & easy to use because contain mostly formulas, tutorials & visual images. These are the solutions of top natural health experts that I have carefully collected, selected, and successfully used for over 3 years. 

1. Yoga, Meditation, Vibration Sound & Chakra Healing

We are made up of energy centers, called chakras, they stimulate all the endocrine glands to create positive moods and physical health. Yoga, meditation, and vibration sound are simple ways to help the chakras connect with the pure cosmic energy & bring you youthfulness. In particular, In this gift set, I have attached a library of healing sound vibrations that will help you easily stimulate the chakras, repair DNA, improve compassion… Be quiet, put on headphones and let the cosmic energy heal you.

2. Herb, Essential Oil, Traditional Medicines & Home Remedies

I am particularly interested in this topic because they are so natural. The active ingredients in herbs are always more friendly to your body than chemically synthesized drugs – they will cause our body to react, which are dangerous side effects, especially chronic diseases when you must take these drugs for a long time.

3. Digestion Healthy Cookbook

The digestive system is known as the second brain and has a huge impact on physical, mental performance & immunity. You will learn a variety of ways to make fermented foods to increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system.

4. SuperFoods - Anti-Inflammation - Antioxidant CookBook

Inflammation is the root cause of many chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypothyroidism… While oxidants cause frequent stress, rapid aging of the skin, weakened immune system… and even cancer. Superfoods are not only a source of precious nutrients but also have excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

5. Detox Solutions for The Body

I had to put a lot of thought into this topic but it’s really necessary because we live with toxins, fine dust, chemicals … they trigger inflammation, disrupt metabolic processes… and both uncontrolled weight gain. The detox soups & smoothies, tea cleanse are the solutions I would recommend for you.

6. Healthy Vegan Cookbook

Vegetarian foods will help you: chakra healing – nourishing the intestinal microflora – powerful antioxidants & youthfulness – effectively detoxifying the body… With the help of experts, you can create a lot of vegetarian dishes such as Vegan Bread, Salad, Vegan Burgers, Vegan Pizza…

My wish is to share these natural health solutions with people who are destined to meet. So Instead of commercializing, I decided to pack them as a free gift attach The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy.

Instructions: After you completely register for The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy, please return here and fill in the Registration Form or inbox with me via contact email below. So you are done. I will provide all of the books, video tutorials, and support by email to you.

1 minute for introduction: I’m Duc Nguyen,  I’m a college pharmacist with over 5 years of experience, I always interested in natural remedies. Helping everybody find solutions to their health problems is my life’s mission. So, I put a lot of effort into this system… And you see, I’ve been using this system for myself and my loved ones for over 3 years. We have saved a lot on clinics & drugs. I also found myself younger, more peaceful & happier. Returning to mother nature is a wise choice in this age. I pledge:

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