CKD is a life-sentence…


THE CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE SOLUTION by Shelly Manning is designed to help you in relief from CKD. The guide includes easy-to-follow steps. When you start making small lifestyle changes, you’ll eventually notice the difference. Shelly’s program works us back to health through three very specific phases:

  • Phase 1: Protect from kidney damage. First, we stop damaging our kidneys and give them the space they need to heal. It takes some simple changes in our daily routine to achieve this. We are also starting to tackle gut health as well. Those good bacteria react quickly, and so do they restore our health.
  • Phase 2: Restore kidney function. We continue to tackle the problem of insulin resistance to establish lifelong steady blood sugar levels.
  • Phase 3: Repair and renew kidney tissue. At Stage 3, blood sugar levels are naturally stabilized – and they stay the same. Followed by the use of specific foods and natural supplements, you will create new stem cells to repair kidney and heart tissue. The supplements are very cheap and they are easily found from your local supermarket.

We always know that Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is caused by other conditions: diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, overweight … And these conditions – often the result of inflammation in Low levels are constantly in the body. We also know that inflammation itself is largely due to a faulty immune system. In other words, our immune system is being activated too often. This leads to constant inflammation… thereby overwhelming our bodies and causing damage everywhere.
But what is the cause of the immune system failing and malfunctioning in the first place? Scientists have finally figured it out in recent years. The immune system malfunction that causes your chronic kidney disease comes from problems in your gut.
When we talk about your gut, we’re not talking gas or stomach pain or anything like that. We are talking about the intriguing environment in your gut. That medium – also known as the microbiota – contains trillions of amazingly helpful bacteria. We often think bacteria are harmful. But more than 90% of healthy gut bacteria perform the functions that help you survive. When this balance is disturbed, we get sick. If it’s disturbed long enough, we get very sick. Conditions directly related to poor gut health include Diabetes, liver disease, Gout, some cancers … Now we understand the pathway to CDK: gut health poor immune system … leads to low-grade inflammation … leading to one or more of these diseases. Then that leads to CKD.