Imagine the relief if your acid reflux was gone TODAY!

There are two very important factors that affect acid reflux: stress and an unreasonable diet. THE ACID REFLUX SOLUTION will remove these 2 important causes and help you get rid of acid reflux permanently. Here’s how it works:

  • First, This strategy will give you a list of delicious and good stomach foods. Okay, maybe you already know about sugar, spicy foods, tomatoes, and many stimulating drinks that aren’t good for the stomach. But you know which ones are beneficial, right?
    Plus, you should know the food combination in your meals is much more important. Scott will show you six simple fundamentals to combine food for acid reflux. Using these basic principles, you will actually be able to eat a variety of foods that previously would have caused terrible flatulence attacks.
  • And the relationship between stress and acid reflux. Do you realize when you’re stressed or worried, you feel that in your gut? Then, when acid reflux fills your stomach, it will make your body think you’re under great stress, even if there’s nothing to stress. This triggers your brain to release a ton of stress hormones. This makes you feel even more stressed, and will again increase gastric secretion and cause acid reflux. It is a vicious cycle of heartburn and stress. That is why stress management will reduce acid reflux. This strategy will help you do that with simple exercises.