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Precious Herbs


For a long time, ginseng has been known as a “panacea”. Korean ginseng is one of the ginseng lines containing leading nutrients good for human health and beauty. Korean ginseng can be used in many different forms such as ginseng tea, ginseng wine, ginseng porridge … all of which help improve health, improve physical fitness for humans thanks to valuable nutrients.

Cordyceps are mainly found in the summer in the high mountains of more than 4,000m in the Plateau Plateau (Qinghai – Tibet) and Sichuan (China). Because the rarity is only found in very harsh places in nature, Cordyceps is recognized as a treasure. This herb has many miraculous effects, improving health, strengthening the body, and preventing a number of diseases.

Panax Notoginseng is a flowering plant in the ginseng family. Ginseng is one of the most valuable medicines with many effects and any effect is very reliable. In fact, in every aspect, this herb is as good as ginseng, but there are some aspects that ginseng can’t have. Typically hemostatic, Panax Notoginseng’s effect is considered to be the most precious drug mentioned first.

Not surprisingly, Black Cumin oil has also been used in Ayurveda Indian medicine and traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It really has brought many effects to users such as antibacterial, cancer prevention, antioxidant … Nigella sativa has long been used as a traditional Indian spice.

Fo-ti ( HeShouWu ) is a plant native to China and is also found in Japan and Taiwan. It is one of the most popular herbs on the list of Chinese medicines as a Longevity tonic. Fo-ti is mentioned in folklore as an herb that helps restore black hair, regain a youthful appearance and vitality.


Despite its ugly appearance, Chaga is becoming popular in the Western world because of its potential health benefits. Chaga is known by many names around the world. Most interestingly, it’s called kreftkjuke in Norway, which literally means “cancer fungus” due to its purported health properties. For hundreds of years, Chaga has been wildly used by people in Northern Europe and Russia and is often used as tea.


Moringa is a magical tree of Muslims, it has a long history of use in traditional medicine systems across South Asia. This herb is rich in antioxidants and natural compounds. It can be said that Moringa Oleifera is a super nutritious superfood and has been used for centuries in Eastern cultures to promote health.

Ashwagandha is one of the most important herbs in Ayurveda medicine. For over 3000 years it has been used to help reduce stress, boost energy as well as improve concentration. It is sometimes called Indian Ginseng because it is often used in conditions of weakness and premature aging.

Red Ginseng is quality ginseng (usually must be 6 years old), carefully selected, and processed. After Ginseng is processed, it will change the chemical composition of Ginseng, the increasing Saponin content (including different ginsenosides). And the quality and effectiveness of Ginseng since then are also increased.

Ganoderma (Reishi Mushroom) is known as a rare herb with many beneficial effects on health. Ganoderma helps stabilize blood pressure, prevents and supports cancer treatment, detoxifies the liver, enhances resistance, prevents disease, prevents and treats diabetes, prevents the aging process…

Pure Royal Jelly is an exceptionally precious nutrient collected from nectar, protein, and many vitamins by worker bees. This herbal blend that is the only source of the queen bee’s food should be called Royal Jelly. This is also the food that helps the queen bee to live 40 times longer than the worker bees.

Eleuthero is an herb that is believed to bring many health benefits. There is evidence that eleuthero ginseng was used as an herbal remedy in China 2,000 years ago. This plant is classified as Adaptogen (herbs that help the body adapt to stress and combat fatigue). In addition, It can be used to treat dozens of different health problems.

Alfalfa is a plant native to South and Central Asia, has long been used in traditional medicine to treat a wide range of health conditions. Alfalfa sprouts are preferred for being packed with vitamins and minerals, which can help improve and prevent many diseases. Currently, due to its rich nutrition, alfalfa has been used as a food, even for pharmaceuticals.


A delicious and aromatic mushroom, Shiitake is currently the second most commonly grown mushroom in the world. Each part of the mushroom has unique properties that support health and serve different purposes for the organism. Since the 1970s, the Japanese Mushroom industry has supported extensive research on Shiitake’s nutritional and immune support properties.


Acai became popular in the United States when berries were thought to be a superfood on the Oprah Winfrey Show. They provide many antioxidants like other berries, acai is also believed to help control appetite hormones, improve metabolic function, help with weight loss, and many other benefits. They can be eaten raw, juiced, or with supplements.