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Ornithine benefits | Anti-fatigue solution when exercising


At supplement stores, besides protein powder, they also sell a lot of individual amino acids. For example, beta-alanine, glutamine, citrulline … This is weird! Why do we have to supplement individually when protein powder can provide all amino? The cause of this is due to the rate of absorption or the number of amino acids in the protein is insufficient. In addition, certain types of amino acids will not be found in proteins, and one of them is ornithine. So what are Ornithine and what are the benefits?

1. What is Ornithine?

✅ Ornithine is an amino acid that is rarely used as a supplement. Strictly speaking, ornithine is called “L-ornithine”. Ornithine has a molecular structure in both D- (as D-aspartic acid) and L-amino acid (like L-leucine). However, since the form of D-ornithine is not used in supplements, the two ways of calling “ornithine” and “L-ornithine” are often used interchangeably.
✅ Ornithine is very special because they are nonprotein amino acids. This means they are not used to form proteins in the body. In the body, ornithine works with arginine in the urea cycle. This is a circulating process in which arginine and ornithine alternately change (from one substance to another) to balance urea and ammonia levels.

2. Ornithine health benefits

2.1 Ornithine health benefits: Anti-fatigue

Ornithine health benefits: Anti-fatigue

✅ The ability of ornithine to relieve fatigue has been proven by studies. This effect of ornithine is explained by the ability to reduce the concentration of ammonia (ammonia) in the blood. In the urea cycle, ornithine and L-arginine (with the help of some other ingredients) reducing ammonia (causing fatigue) and urea being excreted. Under normal conditions, the body will always have enough ornithine to keep ammonia levels at a reasonable level. However, sometimes ammonia is produced so quickly that ornithine does not have enough time to convert all ammonia into a body-friendly product. At that time, ammonia concentration will increase, causing oxidation and impairing the ability of the cell to generate energy. In addition, increased ammonia concentration also impairs the function of muscle tissue. This is also the reason why ammonia causes fatigue during exercise. However, if we take ornithine, these fatigues will be reduced, because they reduce ammonia levels.
✅ One study in Japan found that ornithine significantly reduced fatigue during exercise (halving compared to the placebo group). In addition, according to some studies in Japan, the use of 400 mg ornithine daily helps reduce cortisol levels and improve the mood after drinking alcohol. Besides, these studies all have a very interesting point. That is, they show that ornithine reduces feelings of anger, which often occurs when we are overworked. The cause of this irritation is the effect of excess ammonia levels in the brain.

3. Notes using Ornithine when practicing

  • For people who are physically inactive, the minimum effective dose of ornithine is 400 mg orally 3 times a day. Ornithine for the athletes will benefit from 2-6 grams per day. However, in doses above 10 grams, ornithine may cause diarrhea as a side effect.
  • When using ornithine for fitness purposes, we should expect mental effects more than physical. Ornithine is effective in relieving fatigue while exercising. This means that when we supplement with ornithine, we will feel the training is not as difficult as usual. However, these effects will not occur immediately and they need about 4 weeks to work.
  • Some supplements use ornithine in their base form. While others use ornithine L-aspartate (50% Ornithine). Theoretically, L-aspartate ornithine would be the better form, but there have been no comparable studies on this.

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