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LeptoConnect – Weight loss recipe with 3 sacred mushrooms

LeptoConnect has become one of the most popular fat burning tools available on the market. To aid in weight loss, LeptoConnect also uses a blend of ancient ingredients. These ingredients include herbs, natural extracts, and even mushrooms. Some elements go back to the 15th century and still stand the test of time. You probably already know about the miraculous effects of Maitake, Shiitakes, and Reishi in my articles. And their combination is also very effective for your weight loss. Why so? Let’s find out in the article below.

1. Why does LeptoConnect work?

Leptin resistance is one of the reasons why you cannot lose weight

✅ LeptoConnect is a dietary supplement that works against Leptin resistance. It improves the cognitive function of the brain and helps activate leptin. For the uninitiated: Leptin was first discovered in 1994 by Byron J Richards. Leptin is a hormone produced mainly by fat cells. The main target of leptin is an area in the brain called the hypothalamus. Leptin has many functions in the body, for example: regulating hunger, metabolism, appetite, motivation, and emotions … However, their main role is still body weight. They do this by letting the brain know how much energy is available in the form of stored fat and calories from the diet. When leptin levels rise, this tells the brain that our bodies are having more energy. At this time, the brain will respond by reducing hunger, increasing metabolic activities such as muscle development, sports … And when leptin levels are low, then. This tells the brain that fat stores and calories consumed are being reduced. When that happens, the brain responds by stimulating hunger, causing us to eat more.
✅ In healthy people, this loop works very well and helps us maintain a normal body fat ratio. However, in obese people, leptin resistance often occurs – the body state (for some reason such as inflammation, toxic substances, genetics …) is less sensitive to leptin signaling. This causes the brain to stimulate us to eat more (because the brain thinks we need to eat more in order not to starve). In this way, leptin resistance causes overweight/obese people to tend to overeat and be inactive. From there, making them increasingly fatter.

And by now you understand the role of leptin antagonists in helping you to lose weight safely and effectively.

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2. The components in LeptoConnect

LeptoConnect contains a total of 18 ingredients. All of these are natural and organic, and some of them are rare herbs and have many values for overall health. Here are the main ingredients that have a great influence on your weight loss.

2.1 LeptoConnect components: Maitake Mushroom

LeptoConnect components: Maitake Mushroom

✅ Also known as the king of mushrooms, Maitake is native to Japan. Traditionally, there are stories that people will dance when they find it, and therefore, it is called the dancing mushroom. Mushrooms contain a rare active compound called D-Fraction. This compound activates hormones that increase metabolism. The increase in metabolism leads the body to burn fat instead of storing it. In addition, it also strengthens the immune system and reduces psychological stress in the body.

2.2 LeptoConnect components: Shiitake Mushroom

LeptoConnect components: Shiitake Mushroom

✅ The fungi are commonly found worldwide. But in addition to the health benefits, it was the rich and delicious flavor that made them so popular. Shiitake mushrooms effectively lower blood cholesterol – this is completely beneficial because high cholesterol is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular complications for obese people. In addition to its rich essential micronutrient content, it is an almost indispensable ingredient for a healthy vegetarian diet. For more details on this, you can refer to my Other Article on Shiitakes.

2.3 LeptoConnect components: Reishi Mushroom

LeptoConnect components: Reishi Mushroom

✅ Last but not least, Reishi, called “the supreme protector”. This is a fungus native to only hot and humid regions of Asia. They contain potent active compounds that provide a wide range of medicinal benefits. Reishi mushroom is beneficial for brain health. They support brain receptors such as leptin, along with improved digestion. All of these factors help in effective weight loss.

2.4 LeptoConnect components: Other important herbs

LeptoConnect components: Other important herbs
  • Graviola Leaf: Paw-Paw or Graviola of Brazil is famous for its antioxidants. Native to Central and South America, Graviola leaves fight free radicals, thereby promoting weight loss. They also have anti-inflammatory properties that control blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • Pygeum Africanum: Helps facilitate better inter-cell communication and accelerate the activation of receptors. The direct result is that you feel full quickly and this reduces your calorie intake. In addition to being an appetite suppressant, it also improves libido. This can counteract the bad effects of obesity on sex drive.
  • Cat’s Claw: Aging is also a cause of the slow-acting receptors leading to weight gain. Cat’s claw resists the aging effects of degeneration. It has the ability to enhance cognition as well as brain function. You will get enhanced immunity and better digestion.
  • Red raspberries: This fruit is high in ketones, which will reduce your appetite. Ketones have antioxidant properties that help dissolve concentrated fats.
  • ….. And more

3. Epilogue

✅ If you feel frustrated about the failures of your diet, LeptoConnect will be a new and effective solution for you. Importantly, the ingredients in LeptoConnect are 100% organic. This means it won’t have any side effects and according to a few LeptoConnect reviews we read online from real customers, they say it works for them! As long as you make sure to combine proper exercise with supplements, you will surely be successful.

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