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High Blood Pressure Exercise Program | Bring your BP under 120/80 with 3 simple exercises


Hypertension is the most common disease in the world, it accounts for 8-12% of the population. Several risk factors increase the risk of hypertension, such as diabetes, tobacco, and hyperlipidemia. Hypertension is the leading cause of death from heart attacks, strokes, and leads to serious complications such as hemiplegia, coma with plant life. Therefore, the treatment of high blood pressure needs to be considered early to avoid the dangerous events that it can cause. If you are having trouble using high blood pressure medicine for a long time with many adverse health effects, High Blood Pressure Exercise Program is a good choice to consider. It is a highly effective program that works against blood pressure problems. The program provides a natural technique to bring blood pressure back to its original stage.

1. Introduce

Practicing yoga helps control breathing, psychology and blood pressure

✅ For people with hypertension, exercising is an important requirement to improve health and control the condition. In fact, many studies have shown that regular physical exercise in addition to increasing HDL lipoprotein (the good type of lipoprotein that prevents atherosclerosis) is also involved in lowering blood pressure by reducing activity plasma renin, adrenalin, and nor-adrenalin secretion. These are hormonal substances that increase blood pressure. When exercising for this purpose, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Exercise time must last at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Must practice relatively often, patients need to practice at least 3 times per week and must practice forever because if stopped, the effects will disappear immediately.
  • Moderate exercise intensity, because the heart is already burdened with high blood pressure, now it has to carry a new burden due to high or high-intensity exercise, the faster the pulse, the higher the blood pressure higher, may be dangerous.
  • You can massage your whole body every night to both relax and help lower blood pressure effectively. The more blood massage is deposited into these areas, the better the exchange of oxygen and nutrients in the cells, and on the other hand, the redistribution of blood to the periphery more effectively, resulting in Reducing blood pressure in large blood vessels.

✅ Some exercises can be suitable for people with high blood pressure such as walking, cycling, yoga. These are gentle exercises, reduce the burden on the heart, and some exercises help you regulate your breathing and psychology to control blood pressure effectively. If you do not have time to participate in the exercises above, you can join the High Blood Pressure Program of Blue Heron Health News. The program includes daily exercises to help you control blood pressure simply and effectively, you only take 9 minutes a day for exercises.

2. Who is the author of High Blood Pressure Exercise Program?

Christian Goodman – The father of the program and CEO of Blue Heron Health News. He has always had a passion for natural health research, and he has found many solutions to various health problems that are rampant in modern society.

Blue Heron Health News– offers a variety of remedies for various diseases. All of their remedies are natural and safe, so they can be used by anyone regardless of their health status. Countless articles and e-books are available on their websites from Christian himself and other natural health enthusiasts, like Jodi Knapp and Scott Davis.

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3. Who is High Blood Pressure Exercise Program suitable for?


✅ It’s nice to tell you it’s suitable for everyone at risk or suffering from high blood pressure and being tired of doctor’s treatment regimens and the side effects of a range of anti-hypertensive drugs. You know, high blood pressure is a chronic disease and you have to live with it all your life so this is a great way to support traditional methods. The effectiveness of the program’s exercises has been proven by numerous studies. Thousands of people have benefited from them. The High Blood Pressure Program is quick, effective, and easy.

4. What does High Blood Pressure Exercise Program include?

The Blood Pressure Program is an easy program that teaches you quick, simple movements you can do in your free time to bring your blood pressure under 120/80. It consists of 3 different types of exercises, which only take three minutes each, totaling 9 minutes a day to complete the regime. The movements are gentle and therapeutic and can be used by anyone regardless of age, flexibility, or fitness. They also come with easy step-by-step instructions and photos that show you exactly how to complete each. For best results, it is recommended that you complete the first exercise in the morning, the second exercise in the afternoon before you eat dinner, and the third exercise shortly before going to bed. This allows for a healthy blood pressure level morning – night.

  • In the first exercise, you will learn the benefits of walking and how it can help you to eradicate the problem. The program shows an accurate method of walking so that you can remove hypertension from your body.
  • The second exercise is related to emotion. It reveals how better emotions can result in the improvement of your health. You know, emotions can affect your heart rate and blood pressure.
  • You will also learn to practice deep relaxation and meditation, which may also result in a healthier lifestyle.
  • In the third exercise, you are going to learn about traditional relaxation. This workout targets the breathing and muscles. You will learn how to keep your body relaxed.
  • You will come across foods, herbs, and supplements that can lessen the blood pressure and result in a healthier life.
  • You are going to get a 13-page manual that helps in eliminating the root cause of hypertension.

5. Epilogue

The High Blood Pressure Program is a product suitable for patients with high blood pressure who are having trouble using too many drugs but ineffective. It helps you eliminate the root causes of the disease to enjoy the fullest life. So if you want to control your health, reduce the risk of a heart attack, stroke… and improve your overall well-being, or you’re having problems with too many medications then this program will be a good solution for you. Email or call the provider and you will get help with things in their capabilities.

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An outstanding feature of the Omron blood pressure monitor is the fully automatic feature, which is the use of proprietary Intellisense technology for accurate, fast, and very reliable results. There are also other outstanding features such as:

  • The display of a blood pressure warning column helps users to know if their blood pressure is in a safe or dangerous range.
  • Warning movement when measuring to always accurate results, limit index errors, especially for people with tremor hand or Parkinson’s disease.
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  • Comes with the display is a large LCD screen so the elderly can also see clearly.

Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Tips with Omron blood pressure monitor :

  1. Get Ready: Avoid exercising, bathing, eating, smoking, and drinking alcohol or caffeinated beverages for 30 minutes prior. Ideally, the rest 15 minutes before you begin. Your results are automatically stored in your readings so you can share them with your doctor later.
  2. Take Your Position: Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor. Rest your arm on a table with your palm facing upward. Slide the cuff on and make sure it’s level with your heart. Do not talk or move during the measurement.
  3. Monitor Your Reading: Advanced accuracy automatically displays the average of the last three readings taken within 10 minutes. The BP Level Bar displays how your reading compares to internationally recognized guidelines for normal home blood pressure levels.

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