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Prevent Cancer Effectively


1. Cancer prevention solutions at home

Studies around the world show that 30-40% of all cancers can be prevented. With a healthy lifestyle and types of anti-cancer foods. Do you know which foods are beneficial for effective cancer prevention?

2. Herbs help prevent cancer effectively


Active ingredient Polyphenol is a compound with anti-cancer activity in many foods such as green tea, apples, blueberries, grapes, oranges, etc. In black garlic, this compound is many times higher than in other ingredients of the fruits mentioned above. Therefore, black garlic extract helps prevent, inhibit, and suppress the growth of cancer cells.


Shiitakes contain a special chemical called AHCC – a compound that boosts the immune system helps the body fight infections, and prevent the growth of tumors. In addition, the lentinan in shiitake mushrooms can prevent and slow the growth of cancer by activating certain cells and proteins that attack the disease but without causing any side effects.

Thanks to the ingredient containing Germanium beta-D-glucan. Ganoderma has both enhanced endocrine, immune system function, and serves as a supplement to reduce side effects during chemotherapy and cancer radiotherapy.


The main ingredient of Maitake mushroom is beta-glucan. Beta-glucan is known to stimulate the immune system and is useful in attacking cancer cells. Adding Maitake mushrooms to the diets of cancer patients to support cancer treatment and prevention is very effective. Not only is this mushroom safe to use, but it also has numerous benefits. Cancer patients eat Maitake mushrooms daily to help the body stay healthy and minimize pain.

Antioxidants play a particularly important role in eliminating free radicals from the body. You probably already know that free radicals are one of the main causes of the uncontrolled multiplication of cancer cells because they attack cell DNA.

Turkey Tails selectively cause cytotoxic effects on cancer cells without affecting normal cells. Because of its many beneficial compounds, shiitakes are often used in tandem with traditional treatments such as chemotherapy as a natural way to fight some cancers.

3. Supplements help control cancer


Fucoidan is a greasy compound extracted from marine algae, especially Japanese algae such as Okinawa brown algae, Mozuku, Kombu, and Mekabu. Fucoidan has received such great attention mainly because of its ability to prevent and support cancer treatment through mechanisms such as stimulating the immune system, antioxidant, inhibiting new blood vessel formation of cancer cells, and stimulate cancer cells to die. Not only cancer patients but also many healthy people normally look at functional foods containing Fucoidan in the hope of improving health and preventing cancer.