2 simple errors, 2 simple remedies. Everything solved in just a few days…

This program is called the Hemorrhoids Treatment Protocol and it was created, tested, and proven by Scott Davis – a well-regarded alternative health practitioner. He focuses on the causes of various conditions. Then he applied non-surgical, non-surgical treatments for those causes. Successfully addressing the causes of the condition means you have successfully escaped the condition. His hemorrhoids regimen is designed to fix the specific bad habits surrounding food and movement that directly cause the condition in the first place. It wasn’t an immediate fix. But it was a quick fix.

Did you know there are two really bad habits that strongly contribute to hemorrhoids? If you have hemorrhoids due to heavy lifting or pregnancy, these two bad habits will make it very difficult for you to change them. If you are already prone to hemorrhoids, these two bad habits are almost certain to get you into.

  • The first bad habit is around what we eat. The mechanics of hemorrhoids are well known: they include unhealthy bowel movements, weak blood vessels, and severe inflammation. They are caused by what you eat. Therefore, the choice of food is the choice of hemorrhoids. At the same time, the properties of different foods are also very well understood: anti-inflammatory, promotes bowel movements very effectively, strengthens blood vessels, reduces swelling, reduces pain, etc. When you consider the scientifically proven health properties of natural foods, you’ll realize … That many foods seem purposefully designed to reduce and eliminate quit hemorrhoids.
  • And the second bad habit is about how we move. Are you spending too much time sitting? On the sofas, on the desk, in the car, on the bus – for hours. Sitting for too long is not good for hemorrhoids. So we need to move a little bit. But not all movements are equal. All that weight training… sweat, stress… sitting up every day… is of no use at all. In fact, several types of strenuous exercise have been shown to make hemorrhoids worse. Exercise to help alleviate the causes of hemorrhoids is gentle exercise. In fact, you can do those moves while watching TV.