Did you know, besides consuming foods rich in purines, there is another important cause of gout? Have you ever wondered if your friends use red meat and seafood more than you, but they don’t get gout? This is because their gut seems to be better than yours. Indeed, is there a link between your gut health and gout, or more specifically, beneficial bacteria? In people with gout, they appear depleted and will not be able to get rid of uric acid. So, in addition to cutting back on foods rich in purines like red meat, you need to eat foods that are good for your gut microflora. This helps to reduce the amount of uric taken into the body, solving gout from its origin.

“End of Gout” is an online program that teaches you how to fix all the factors that contribute to your gout. This is a comprehensive system that teaches you simple adjustments to diet, exercise, stress, and self-care that can force your body to process uric acid. In the simple 7-day plan to eliminate Gout, you still have chocolate or strawberry for dessert, and you are also taught simple exercises to remove excess uric from the body and restore joints.

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